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Developing competent IT graduates capable of accepting challenges of the modern computing industry and society


M1 - To provide an vibrant academic environment with a continuous motivation to budding IT graduates for making them technically sound coupled with good managerial skills. 
M2 - To work for all round growth of the students and to guide them for selecting high level academic career/research to fulfill the needs of the society and modern computing industry. 
M3 - To encourage the students by transferring the knowledge and skill to imbibe  ethical responsibility and thus enhance sustainability.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Graduates of Information Technology shall  

PEO1 – Have sound technical knowledge, skills and all-round personalities to cater to the career requirement of IT industries and academics.
PEO2: Have expertise on contemporary technologies to remain effective through lifelong learning.
PEO3 - Function effectively as individual and team members in the workplace with professional and ethical attitude and contribute to society using ethical values.


Program Specific Outcome (PSOs)


1. Demonstrate skills in designing algorithms and implement them in a suitable computational resource.
2.   Apply knowledge in fundamental and applied areas  as per need of time.


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