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Developers and Engineers Visionaries in Information Technology


About DEV-IT

Established in 2023, DEV-IT (Developers and Engineers Visionaries in Information Technology) stands as a testament to the progressive spirit of Information Technology students at KDK College of Engineering, Nagpur. At the heart of our forum is a dynamic team comprising 210 students, driven by the shared goal of advancing technical knowledge and contributing to social causes.

Our primary mission is to empower students with comprehensive technical knowledge. With a keen focus on skill development, knowledge sharing, and hands-on experiences, DEV-IT serves as a platform where IT enthusiasts can thrive beyond the traditional classroom setting. Through workshops, seminars, competitions, and various activities, we aim to cultivate a community where developers and engineers not only learn but also actively contribute to the evolving landscape of Information Technology.

Beyond our commitment to technical excellence, DEV-IT recognizes the importance of social impact. We understand that Information Technology has the power to drive positive change in society. In line with this vision, our forum actively engages in various social activities, emphasizing the broader responsibility of IT professionals. From community outreach programs to initiatives that address societal challenges, DEV-IT strives to instill a sense of social responsibility in its members.

Our journey is guided by the dedicated faculty of the Department of Information Technology, providing mentorship and support. The forum operates as a collaborative space where ideas flourish, and students take the lead in organizing events and activities. DEV-IT is more than an academic forum; it is a community where students, as visionaries in the making, explore innovation, fulfill social responsibilities, and even participate in sports activities.

As we look forward to the future, DEV-IT remains committed to its core principles: technical excellence, social impact, and the holistic development of its members. Join us in this exciting venture where technology meets innovation, social responsibility, and a spirit of sportsmanship, shaping a future where Information Technology is a force for positive transformation.

Beyond the classroom, beyond limits - DEV-IT, where technical knowledge meets exploration, innovation, and social responsibility.


Mission (4 E's of DEV-IT)

Empower: Empowering students to excel in technical and non-technical domains.

Explore: Encouraging exploration of diverse fields and innovative ideas.

Exchange: Exchanging knowledge and encouraging a culture of “Learning through Sharing” among peers.

Empathy: Understanding, supporting, and nurturing social responsibility within the community.



Creating a safe, welcoming space where students learn freely, embracing mistakes as part of their development, and acquire skills through practical experiences.


DEV-IT Report

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